5 Ways To Avoid Falls At Home

5 Ways To Avoid Falls At Home

“Fall eight times, stand up ten” is no longer a motivational quote when you start to age.

Falls are one of the most common health concerns for seniors, and while falls are something that can happen to anyone, for seniors it could mean an ongoing health issue that can send them to the emergency room.

According to the CDC, in a year, 2.5 million people 65 and older will visit the emergency room after a fall only to find themselves visiting the same emergency room a year after. And while these seniors are eligible by age for Medicare, being covered will only pay for treatment.

And that’s just a backup plan.

When it comes to falls, well, you don’t want them to happen in the first place. That’s why we’ve compiled a series of tips you can start using right now to avoid falls at home:


Do strength exercises


Whether you decide to do Pilates, yoga or simple stretching exercises you will develop enough strength and balance to reduce the probabilities of a fall at home.

You’ll get in shape too, so you’ve that going for you.


Get your vision checked


If you have diabetes or you are at high risk of glaucoma, Medicare will offer you an annual eye exam.

Also, some falls happen because rooms in the house are not well lit, this is particularly important for hallways and stairs too –especially stairs, for falls might be lethal or might leave you severely injured.


Check your Medications


There might be a chance that some of your medications are actually making you dizzy or  sleepy and therefore more prone to falls. Check with your doctor if that’s the case.


Get rid of slippery situations


Spending a few bucks in a pair of non-slick socks can be actually beneficial. Using nonslip mats in the bathroom or the kitchen can also help as well.


Make changes to your house


If non-slip socks and non-slip mats are not enough, you can actually invest and install grab bars for your tub and other high-risk places in the house.

Also keep items you often use in a place where you can reach them without having to climb in unusual places.


Don’t avoid going to the doctor after a fall


Even if you fall and you feel alright, you should consider going to a doctor because what might seem as a harmless fall can actually affect your health in the long run.

Now before you go, I thought you might want to know the Medicare Open Enrollment is about to end in just a week. After December 7 you will no longer be able to change or update your Medicare policy –that means you would have to wait a year again if you want to get a Medicare Advantage policy or change Medigap.

Orestes Llorente

While in FIU getting a degree in business finance Orestes worked as an agent for State Farm where he found his professional calling, dedicating his life to manage risks for his clients. In 2006 he founded Entrust, a successful property and casualty agency in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida and in 2013 in partnership with Antonio Feijoo he put together a start-up focusing on the health care reform and Medicare Advantage. From humble beginnings but laser sharp focus, ACAP has grown to be one of the largest per carrier agencies in the nation. A philanthropist at heart, he aides children in Mindo, a small town in the Andean foothills of Ecuador and through his foundation Project Give Kids, he provides scholarship opportunities to young adults at the top of their class, unable to afford a college education in their country.

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