4 Ways To Get Dental Coverage For Medicare Beneficiaries

4 Ways To Get Dental Coverage For Medicare Beneficiaries

Dental coverage is the holy grail of Medical Insurance, it isn’t only the most valued extra benefit included in job-based insurance plans, but also a nice addition when you come to think of how unaffordable is the simplest dental procedure nowadays.

This gets exponentially vital when you’re a senior and you need constant and specialized dental care. But since many seniors rely on Medicare coverage, the real problem begins when you realize Medicare doesn’t include dental coverage

So, how do you get Dental Coverage as a Medicare Beneficiary? Here are your options:


Private Dental Insurance Plan


Getting a standalone prescription drug plan is a great choice if you don’t mind spending extra besides your Medicare payments.

Come think of it, if you’re already spending too much in dental procedures and you now you need periodic treatments you just can’t go wrong with a dedicated dental coverage plan.


Medicare Advantage


With a Medicare Advantage plan, you’ll receive all of your benefits from Original Medicare plus dental and vision coverage.

To find a plan you must search in your area and contact your dentist to see which networks you should keep an eye on.

Medicare Advantage plans are issued by private insurers and to enroll you would have to drop your Original Medicare coverage and be prepared to pay extra –for the advantage.




If you qualify for Medicaid some states would include dental services. For those states that haven’t expanded Medicaid, you would have to contact the state Medicaid office. For Florida, you should contact Sunshine Health.


Extra resources


There are some other choices like local hospitals, community health centers and dental hygiene schools that might offer minor treatments at a reduced cost (or even for free.)

Also, in some cases, you would find Medicare would cover for some dental procedures if it’s related to a health issue or a medical condition that can put your health at risk.


Getting dental coverage today


Dental health is so much more than just having a nice smile, it’s part of your overall health, and therefore you should invest in dental coverage just as much as you would for other aspects of your health.

Perhaps the 2 most popular ways of having dental coverage are either enrolling in a standalone dental coverage or a Medicare Advantage plan. You can’t go wrong with any of those 2 plans.

The Medicare Open Enrollment ends on December 7 and this is your last chance to enroll unless you want to spend a whole year without those extra benefits.

Also, if you would like to receive a free quote you can call us at (305-676-7083.) Getting the most quotes possible is a great way to find the best value out there.

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